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Jey Uso

Asuka and Charlotte Flair’s fight ended without a result due to the intervention of Damage CTRL

Behind the scenes, Austin Theory attacks Santos Escobar, throwing one of the drawers on his leg.

AJ Styles defeats Karrion Kross.

Edge comes out to the ring and states that he wants to have a match against Sheamus next week. Edge claims that Sheamus is the reason he fought again.

Sheamus appears and states that the reason he is in WWE is also partly thanks to Edge and the advice he gave him during a WWE tour of Ireland in 2004, so he accepts the challenge and the two shake hands.

LA Knight defeats Top Dolla.

Rey Mysterio defeats Austin Theory and is the new United States Champion. Originally Santos Escobar was the title challenger, but before reaching the ring Austin Theory attacked him, Santos was unable to fight and Rey took his place. Mysterio then celebrated with the LWO.

Roman Reigns goes out to the ring and like every week he demands the public to recognize him. After this he asks Paul Heyman if he has spoken with Jimmy Uso and if he knows where he is. At that moment Jimmy appears in the audience. Roman tells him that he owes him one and Jimmy claims he doesn’t want anything from him to which Reigns insists that he can get him anything he wants, like becoming ‘Main Event Jimmy Uso’.

Jey Uso makes an appearance and demands his brother to clarify why he attacked him at SummerSlam 2023 costing him the fight, to which he replies that he did it because he loves him and was afraid of losing him when he became the Tribal Chief, in addition to the fact that he could corrupted just as Roman Reigns has been corrupted. and he accepts any blow that his sister wants to give him. Jey instead just turns his back on him, so Jimmy leaves the ring.

Roman seizes the moment to remind Jey that he’s stupid though and demands that he acknowledge it again, though Jey hits him with a Superkick. In addition to dodging Solo’s Samoan Spike, he Spears Roman and finishes Jimmy Uso with another Superkick, later stating that he is leaving The Bloodline, SmackDown and WWE.

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