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The Professor and Hugo Savinovich

Notes on what happened on Saturday night at WWC Summer Madness, held at the Pepín Cestero court in Bayamón.

Jovan retained the Jr. Championship against Brandon the Skater

JC Jexx on The Informant with Pulli handcuffed to Mr. Anthony

Mike Nice on Black Pain via DQ when Pain pulled out a chain with which he strangled Nice.

Vanilla Vargas and Stephany Amalbert defeated Amazona and Yaide

Chicano & Lightning defeated La Revolución

Nihan on Slash Venom

Eddie Colon defeated Ray Gonzalez.

The Prof beat Hugo Savinovich. Profe came out singing a Mexican song, Hugo came out like a doll and addressed those present before the fight. It was basically a hardcore hit-and-run fight. After the fight they shook hands.

In the star, Gilbert over Xix Xavant (with Gallo the Producer in his corner) when in the end the referee Juanma Lopez hit Xavant with several fists for him to be defeated later.

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