WATCH: EXCLUSIVE: Oli London Says China Uses TikTok to Manipulate and Weaken Young American Minds with Trans Ideology

Author and social media influencer Oli London says China has turned TikTok into the primary social media platform for radical gender ideology in a bid to weaken American minds.

London, who underwent 32 surgeries to transition from a white male to a Korean female before transitioning, tells Breitbart News in an exclusive interview that TikTok manipulates the discussion surrounding gender ideology by enforcing harsh community guidelines, rules, and outright bans for anyone critical of the transgender movement. Meanwhile, videos that show promote radical gender ideology or try to normalize the scars of gender reassignment for children receive millions and sometimes billions of views.

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

But while TikTok is the showcase for trans ideology on social media, the mainstream media has become the gateway drug that convinces people struggling with their gender identity to embrace the trans lifestyle.

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

But, while the media serves as a gateway drug that preys on the darkness many feel and leads them to the transgender lifestyle, London says Christianity can be the anecdote and the light that fills the emptiness in people’s souls that gender ideology and media praise can never fill.

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

London sees an avalanche effect with the woke agenda that has forced our society to a cultural tipping point. The non-stop loss of freedoms due to the pandemic and the assault on history with the tearing down of statues during the BLM riots were bad enough. But, as London says, the efforts of the trans movement to convert children to radical gender ideology has finally triggered an awakening in the average Westerner that threatens to push back the left’s agenda.

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

London has authored the book Gender Madness. A book that seeks to expose how social media is used to expose kids to gender ideology and what can be done to stop it. The book is available for pre-order now and will be available everywhere books are sold in August. In addition, London maintains a robust social media presence where he regularly exposes the radical gender ideology movement.

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