Mum’s plea hoping for miracle to find ‘heartbroken’ daughter’s pillow

A GIRL has been left heartbroken after her special pillow made from her late Grandad’s jumper was left behind after a family holiday.

Erin Hickens had flown to Antalya, Turkiye with her dad and brother earlier this month to enjoy a break during the summer holidays.

The 10-year-old made sure to bring her special pillow which her mum had made for her following the tragic passing of her grandfather three years ago.

Erin with her grandad Ian who sadly passed away
Erin pictured with her late grandad Ian sleeps with his jumper every night. Credit: Carrie Stimpson

However, as the family were leaving earlier this week Erin left her treasured possession at the hotel.

Erin’s mum Carrie Stimpson had originally had the touching tribute made for her daughter as a sentimental keepsake after her dad Ian Stimpson passed away in 2020.

Once the family realised that the pillow was missing, they immediately contacted the staff at the Liberty Lara Hotel in Antalya to try and locate the priceless possession.

Despite the best efforts of the staff to find the pillow, they reported to the family that they were unable to locate the pillow and believe it may have been taken with sheets for cleaning.

Now Carrie has made a plea online in the hopes of someone finding the pillow and a miracle to reunite her daughter with her pillow.

An image shared shows little Erin sleeping alongside the pillow emblazoned with a zip and the words West Bromwich Albion underneath which reads The Hawthorns.

Erin with the pillow during her holiday
Erin during her holiday in Antalya with the pillow. Credit: Carrie Stimpson

Carrie posted on social media earlier this week, writing: “My 10-year-old daughter stayed at the Liberty Lara Hotel in Turkey with her dad and departed yesterday (07/08) and left the below pictured pillow.

“[It is] believed to be in the luggage room, unfortunately despite efforts from the staff, the pillow cannot be located, if anyone who stayed in that hotel has accidentally picked it up please could I ask you to get in contact.

“The pillow is of sentimental value to my daughter (it was her Grandad’s hoodie) and she is absolutely devastated not to have it.

“She has slept with it every night for three and a half years, thank you in advance.”

Her post received tens of likes from fellow holidaymakers hoping to help reunite the pillow with Erin.

Speaking today, Carrie said: “Erin’s grandad passed away in January of 2020, she was extremely close to him as he was a father figure to her and his passing affected her for a long time.

“I had a pillow made of one of his favourite West Bromwich Albion hoodies which she has slept with daily, it’s been all over the UK with her and even Crete last year.

“She went on holiday with her dad to the Liberty Lara Hotel and came home earlier this week, we believe she may have left the pillow in the room, and it has been picked up with the bedding.

“We’ve emailed the hotel but there has been no sign as of yet, Erin is completely heartbroken, she’s spent the last three nights in tears and so it would be wonderful if we could find some way of getting the pillow back.”

West Bromwich Albion were founded in 1878 and were one of the founding members of the Football League.

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