I tried ‘Scotland’s spiciest curry’ – it’s so hot it’s not even on the menu

IT’S the curry so spicy that even their own chefs won’t go anywhere near it.

Bombay Blues’ infamous Infernal Tindaloo Double Chilli hit headlines more than 20 years ago when anyone who finished the fiery feast won a special certificate.

Don't try this unless you're a vindaloo veteran


Don’t try this unless you’re a vindaloo veteran
Jordan was delighted to successfully complete the challenge


Jordan was delighted to successfully complete the challenge

The restaurant, on Glasgow’s Hope Street, appeared on the scene in 1986 and still claims the crown of creating Scotland’s hottest dish.

Although no longer on the official menu, curry diehards know all about the legendary Tindaloo and travel from far and wide to make special requests for the molten meal.

When we heard about the terrifying yet tantalising grub, it was a no-brainer to order the illicit goods.

Several staff sampled both a lamb and chicken version as queues quickly formed for the water dispenser.

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Simply catching a scent of the curry made it clear this wasn’t for the faint-hearted.

Carefully avoiding touching Scotland’s alleged spiciest sauce – I’d advise wearing gloves – the first forkful was an experience I’ll never forget.

Cooked to perfection, the curry lulls you into a false sense of security as the first few seconds pass without incident.

But that’s just a cruel trick as the heat quickly soars and leaves your mouth feeling like a volcano that’s just erupted.

Think Vindaloo on steroids chased with a pint of hot sauce, compounded with a punch to the gut.

It’s perhaps worrying that quite a few colleagues genuinely enjoyed it and went in for seconds.

Though the curry was made well, it takes a certain type of sadist to inflict that sort of punishment on themselves.

We have one of them in the office who gave the curry top marks.

My colleague Jordan said: “I love a good scran and jumped at the chance to bag a bite of Scotland’s hottest curry.

“From the moment the lid was cautiously removed from the serving dish, plumes of steam came billowing out. I knew then it was going to be an eye-watering challenge.

“The deep red coloured meal was swimming with chilli flakes and tender pieces of chicken and lamb.

“The taste was incredible – even though it burned the mouth off of me. It certainly lives up to its name as the country’s hottest curry.

“Once you’re past that first frightening forkful the rest goes down a treat – just make sure you have some milk to wash away the intense heat.

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“This Ruby Murray is not for the faint-hearted but comes highly recommended for connoisseurs of Indian grub.”

Do you think your restaurant has the spiciest curry in Scotland? Email if you think yours is hotter

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