How One Woman’s SKIMS Bodysuit Saved Her Life

A recent news story saw one woman claiming that her SKIMS bodysuit saved her life after a shooting. Telling the story in a now-viral TikTok video, Angelina Whiley opened up about her experience, telling viewers about how she got shot four times.

Kim Kardashian saved my life,” begins Wiley in her TikTok video. “This New Year’s, I got shot four times. The night I got shot, under my dress, I was wearing a SKIMS shaping bodysuit.” Wiley goes on to describe her bodysuit as “body armor for women,” explaining how the tightness of the garment kept her from bleeding out and acted like a tourniquet.

Wiley then went on to explain that the SKIMS bodysuit is now in fact in the possession of detectives, as the piece has since become part of the investigation surrounding the shooting which occurred in Kansas City, Missouri.

Following the video, Kim Kardashian also took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the situation. Take a look below.

In other news, we caught up with Mia Khalifa to find out more about her new jewelry brand.

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