Gerardo “Tata” Martino Assured That Jaime Lozano Is The Ideal Candidate For Mexico: “He Meets All The Conditions” | The USA Print – THE USA PRINT

Gerardo "Tata" Martino assured that Jaime Lozano is the ideal candidate for Mexico: "He meets all the conditions" | The USA Print

Tata Martino is in a new stage of his career by assuming the technical direction of Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami but that is not why he forgets his previous processesespecially the last of them in charge of the Mexican team.

That is why this Sunday he agreed to an interview with Fernando Schwartz for Fox Sports in which Martino was encouraged to comment on the new interim coach of the Tri, Jaime Lozanoand how he hopes that in the short term he will become the definitive DT.

Yes, I think he meets all the conditions to occupy that site because what I also notice is a closeness to the campus that is very visible from the outside.”, commented the Argentine strategist.

In the same way, Martino also took the opportunity to speak for the first time about what his departure from the Mexican bench was after the Qatar 2022 World Cup, a fact for which he felt the need to apologize to all the fans after the disappointment.

“Definitely, I want you to know that we suffered and we are very sorry that we did not live up to the circumstances and what was expected of us.. We tried to put everything on our part and we couldn’t do it. And I understand that people also, when football goals cannot be met, react the way they react, so not much more than that,” Martino said.

Finally, he spoke about his cycle in Mexico and the four years he was in charge of the team, but he made it clear that it was not the best way he wanted to go out.

“Today I think “how good that we were able to complete four years”, obviously it was a difficult goal, it is a goal where many of your colleagues sometimes even beat their chests, one thinks, saying that the coaches of a National Team are very few who complete a cycle and the truth is that that is not a reason to be proud, that is a cause for concern, “he added.

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