First day of Comic-Con wraps up with parties

SAN DIEGO — Comic-Con is back! The annual convention kicked off in the Gaslamp Quarter Thursday.

The sold-out four-day event will see 50,000 to 60,000 people a day and about 200,000 for the weekend.

For Ruth Clawson and Salomon Rojas, Comic-Con is a tradition.

“I’ve been to Comic-Con for over 25 years,” Clawson said. “I really love going upstairs and hearing all the panels.”

The San Diego Convention Center is one part of this massive event. Movie studios and production companies transformed businesses in the Gaslamp into interactive experiences for all to enjoy, whether you have a pass or not.

Convention Center doors closed at 7 p.m. Thursday, but that was not the end of day 1.

Thousands filled the streets and lined up for the many after parties and celebrations, including the sixth annual fandom party at the Hard Rock Hotel. There was music, food and costumes.
A combination that continues to bring people back to Comic-Con year after year.

For fans who weren’t able to get one of the coveted badges, there’s still plenty of ways to experience the excitement from outside the main event.

An extension of the big convention, the Comic-Con Museum brings together renowned comics and popular arts in a vibrant space, celebrating the best in fandoms all-year round. Featuring seasonal exhibits, hands-on activities, panels, movie screenings and other programming, this is a great way to experience the magic of Comic-Con without a ticket for the big event.

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