Fans gear up for release of “Barbie” movie

In perhaps one of the most “dolled up” pop culture moments in recent history, fans of the Barbie doll are already gearing up for the worldwide release of “Barbie” the movie.  

Just steps from the Los Feliz Theater, Hailey Dickson said she’s been ready for this moment since the third grade.  

“I resonate with [it] from when I was a kid, and I mean Barbie is such a fashion icon,” she said of why she’s excited about the Greta Gerwig-directed film. “I just think it’s campy and silly to see all of these characters kind of come to life.”  

Dickson, showing her true fandom, actually brought some Barbie paraphernalia with her to see the film. 

“I bought this when I was a kid and I think the most special piece in here is this little coat right here,” Dickson explained. “It’s actually a 1968 Julia coat and Julia was the first Black Barbie doll. She was a nurse when she started out.” 

“She’s like one of our best friends who taught diversity,” Eugenia Marshall, another Barbie fan, said.  

At the immersive world of the World of Barbie pop-up experience in Santa Monica, pink was definitely on parade.  

“I think the whole beauty of Barbie was that we had our first little stylist, you know?” said Shawanna Davis. “That was our first fashion show. Our aunties, everyone carried us through the world of Barbie.”  

“Barbie was my best friend,” Yvonne Guerrera said. “I was an only child and she was my best friend, so I love Barbie and you can be anyone you want to be.”  

As fans lined up at TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, it almost feels like you can’t escape all the Barbie-mania.  

“The diversity of the marketing is fantastic,” Jennifer Hopson said. “Everywhere you go, the marketing is there, it’s meeting you.”  

Mattel reportedly spent $100 million on marketing for the film.  

As for Ken, he remains in second place, according to one fan.  

“There is no Ken without Barbie, right? So, it’s Barbie’s night to be honest,” he said.  

“Barbie” the movie opens worldwide tomorrow.  

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