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Warner Bros. Discovery is enjoying huge profits from barbie- Blue Beetle: Warner Bros. Discovery would have refused to pay for more reshoots88%, a film that will surely break records and will remain on the billboard for quite some time. However, the company has yet to consider the issues it has with its superhero division. The Flash- 60% It was a failure that they couldn’t solve and Blue Beetle I could go that way. Fans increasingly notice the little interest of the company towards the titles that were pending before the arrival of James Gunnand it seems that they are not interested in investing more than necessary in the film of the Latino hero.

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The truth is that the company has been dragging several problems at DC for years, and none has been able to solve the complex division of fans who continue to fight for the restoration or the definitive end of the Snyderverse. After the departure of zack snyder, walter hamada He arrived to promote a new trend that would take them away from Marvel and thus create something of their own. This led them to greenlight several solo films by the brand’s best-known heroes, and others that would premiere exclusively on HBO Max.

This movement failed with the arrival of David Zaslav, who wanted to resume priority for commercial releases and not the company’s streaming service, which was seriously affected by the first changes after the purchase of Discovery. Batgirl could not be saved, but Blue Beetle found a golden opportunity when it was announced that it would be released theatrically. Unfortunately, this step did not mean that the company gave so much importance to the film starring Xolo Mariduena.

Warner Bros. Discovery decided to focus on Flashand it is that the investment was excessive and lasted many years since the tape began its planning since Snyder was working on the first cut of League of Justice – 41%. For a while it was considered that this tape would be key to repairing the damage within the DCEU, but it soon became clear that it was the opposite, as it reflected the internal changes and general chaos of the company. After trying to sell the idea that it was the best superhero movie of recent times, in a firm attempt to counter any controversy surrounding its protagonist, the film was released without achieving the main objective.

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Many noticed then that the producer was not putting the same interest in promoting Blue Beetle which opens in August and although it had a smaller budget, it deserved more attention than it was given to promote it in the summer season. Now, new information seems to indicate that this attitude of the executives was also maintained in the production itself, because just as they decided not to invest much in their advertising, they also decided to refuse to film reshoots.

According to The Hollywood Reporteras part of the normal filming schedule, the director Angel Manuel Soto and the rest of his team asked Warner Bros. Discovery for a budget to cover two days of reshoots, something the production company refused to pay. Apparently, this request was made in February to comply with the last details, since the film as such finished filming in July of last year after 54 days with an estimated budget of US$120 million. It is important to remember that reshoots are not strange at all and they are not a bad sign either, since they are really common in this type of superhero productions, although at the moment it has not been said how important they were or if they would serve to change any important point of the plot.

Instead of investing in this film, it seems that the attention went to Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomsince it is said that the director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 – Blue Beetle: Warner Bros. Discovery would have refused to pay for more reshoots85% he approved more reshoots at the last moment to make certain modifications, surely to link the character well with the cinematographic universe he is planning. Despite this, James Gunn already confirmed that although Blue Beetle It is not a title that he will supervise under his renewed DCU, the hero will be part of his canon, so future appearances are assured, at least for now. Although the tape of the Latino hero has been virtually ignored by Warner Bros. Discovery, the fans have given themselves the task of supporting it and there are a lot of memes remembering its release date, something that has served its publicity and is really necessary since the cast cannot promote it due to the actors’ strike in Hollywood.

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