Bear beats scorching California heat by taking dip in pool

BURBANK, Calif. – It’s tough dealing with the intense heat in California, but it’s nice to hear that someone found a way to cool off. 

Burbank police said they were called Friday afternoon after the bear was spotted in a hillside neighborhood before taking a dip in the water, soaking up the scenery along the way.

“This bear is beating the heat in Burbank,” officers said on Twitter, along with a short clip of the furry intruder.

At the time, the temperature in Burbank reached a high of 92 degrees.

Relief from the scorching heat that many Americans have been enduring for the past several weeks is finally on the horizon.

This should bring good news to anyone, including bears, who are exhausted from sweating through above-average temperatures.

At the time, the temperature in Burbank reached a high of 92 degrees.
At the time, the temperature in Burbank reached a high of 92 degrees.
Burbank Police Department

If you come across a bear, follow these guidelines provided by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife: Do not run; instead, face the animal, make noise and try to appear as large as possible.

It is crucial to take action and defend oneself in the event of an attack.

If a bear attacks, it is imperative to immediately contact 911 for assistance.

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