Aquaman hosts Shark Week: Jason Momoa fronts new Discovery shows with feeding frenzies, junkie sharks

Geeking out with viewers will be Momoa, who watched Shark Week growing up and says he couldn’t wait to meet the scientists behind the programmess. “I’m going to be every other fan,” he said in an interview before the Hollywood strike. “This is my life’s passion.”

As always, there is a deep respect for the creatures and strong science beneath the amusing titles, dramatic music and eye-popping titles like Great White Fight Club, Shark Vs. Snake and Serial Killer: Red Sea Feeding Frenzy.

Alien Sharks tries to find obscure species like the broadnose sevengill, which dates to the Jurassic Era, but is lately prized for their livers by orcas. There’s also the deliciously named puffadder shyshark, which glow under UV light, and the white-spotted wedgefish, named appropriately for its shovel like appearance.

“For me, what’s so wonderful about alien sharks and this program is the opportunity to showcase the little guy,” said biologist Forrest Galante, who can be seen smooching a few of his sharks. “I get so excited and emotional when I’m working with these unique creatures that I do impulsively stupid things like kiss a shark before I say goodbye to it.”

Many of the programmess investigate changes in the beasts’ behavior that may have to do with climate change or overfishing, such as sharks appearing in unfamiliar locations. Conservation efforts have also started to boost their numbers, bringing them closer to humans.

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