And Just Like That Season 2, Episode 7: Aidan’s Return

Happy V-Day in July, lovers.

This week’s installment of “And Just Like That” is brimming with pinks, plaids and ghosts of boyfriends past as our favorite 50-somethings take on February’s notorious Hallmark holiday.

First up, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) gets her long-awaited reunion with — drumroll, please — Aidan Shaw (John Corbett). But, in classic Carrie fashion, she makes a few wrong turns along the way.

When Aidan asks her to Valentine’s Day dinner, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte dissect his email (a la Nora Ephron) for clues as to whether Carrie’s former fiancé is flying solo these days.

Carrie arrives at her 8 p.m. date at a fashionably late 8:07, and she’s greeted by a table for two with zero ex-boyfriends in sight. After a long half-hour, during which Carrie wonders if she’s been stood up, she realizes that an ill-placed address number threw her off.

As Carrie dashes next door, she meets Aidan standing in the street, tall and handsome as ever.

They share a long hug and Aidan says to her, “When I’m with you, it’s like 10 years just …” He trails off and snaps his fingers.

Aidan and Carrie stand apart from one another on the street.
This episode of “And Just Like That” features Aidan Shaw finally back in Carrie’s orbit.
Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Aidan and Carrie embrace in the street.
Aidan and Carrie, once engaged in the original series, reunite for a Valentine’s Day dinner.
Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

It’s a touching reunion with Miss Bradshaw’s one that got away, and it ends with the two of them on Carrie’s same stoop from two decades ago, where their whole relationship fell apart. Aidan gets cold feet when he’s confronted with the apartment where all of his and Carrie’s skeletons still live.

“I can’t do it,” he says, over Carrie’s protests. “I’m not going in there again with all that.”

But one wide-eyed look from Carrie gets them back on the same page.

“F–k it,” Aidan says. “This is New York. They have hotels, right?”

Carrie’s not the only one with a hot date for Valentine’s.

A couple months after her big breakup, Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) kicks off this week’s episode trying to figure out if she’s gay gay or if she was just Che gay. (Sara Ramirez’s single scene this episode sees Miranda and Che bringing a stray puppy to an animal shelter.)

Meeting hot lesbian audiobook narrator Amelia Carcy — whose Jane Austen recordings Miranda used to jog to — immediately settles the question. The ladies set a Valentine’s Day dinner, giving Carrie the chance to tease Miranda about her “Great Sexpectations” for her literary lady.

“Could Ms. Carcy be your Mr. Darcy?” Carrie quips.

Unluckily for Miss Miranda, her sotto voce sweetheart turns out to be a slob with dirty sheets and an evil cat named Pickles. But during a classic mid-date phone call with Carrie, Miranda finds power in realizing that — as a 56-year-old on the dating scene — she can just go home. Not such a bad debut for newly anointed “Lesbian Miranda,” after all.

Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda sit at a restaurant and talk about love.
Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte consider their respective love lives in the lead-up to V-Day.
Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Miranda wears a purple dress for her Valentine's date.
Miranda gets all dressed up to get back in the game with an alluring audiobook narrator.
Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Our other fabulous singletons, Seema Patel (Sarita Choudhury) and Nya Wallace (Karen Pittman) don’t have time for romance this episode. When a spa schedules Carrie and Seema for a couple’s massage, owing to their Valentine’s policy, Seema threatens to cause a Yelp storm, but Carrie rushes her out before she can start a “February 14 spa insurrection.”

“Single people have rights too!” Seema yells.

Nya takes her first Valentine’s Day post-divorce more in stride, and declares that she will be having a “me-vening.” She whips up a chocolate souffle for one and decides that the only “body” she needs at her table is a full-bodied glass of red wine.

Switching over to our married crowd, Charlotte and Harry (Evan Handler) York-Goldenblatt have a little run-in with “Till death do us part.”

While waiting for a table for their romantic dinner, Charlotte complains about their ungrateful children.

Lily (Cathy Ang), who got broken up with two weeks before Valentine’s, was terribly ungrateful about Charlotte letting her have an “F the boys” party — complete with Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” blaring in the background.

Rock (Alexa Swinton), with whom Charlotte scoured the city in search of a modeling agency after the success of their Calvin Klein ad, suddenly decided they’re no longer interested — even accusing Charlotte of having “‘Dance Mom’ vibes.”

Lisa Todd Wexley and her husband are dressed for the holiday.
Lisa Todd Wexley looks fabulous in red for her Valentine’s Day date.
Craig Blankenhorn/Max

Charlotte works herself up until she thinks she’s having a stroke. “I can feel my blood!” she shrieks to Harry.

But as an ER doctor soon informs her, the brownie she snagged from Lily’s party earlier was a little more Mary Jane than Betty Crocker.

Super high and feeling low, Charlotte realizes it’s time to do something for herself, and decides to take Mark Kasabian (Victor Garber) up on his job offer at an art gallery from a few episodes back.

This week’s installment also features a fun cameo from Drew Barrymore, who has Anthony Marentino’s (Mario Cantone) Hot Fellas bread delivery service on her talk show.

Finally, Lisa Todd Wexley (Nicole Ari Parker) declares war on son Henry’s girlfriend, Baxter. Baxter is a little too PDA-obsessed for LTW, who decides to set a “booty trap” before leaving the teens alone in her apartment so that she’ll be able to tell if they have sex in her bed.

The bed is meticulous when she and husband Herbert (Christopher Jackson) return from dinner, but something isn’t quite right. Lisa finds Baxter posing with her über expensive handbags — a capital offense for those fluent in Hermès.

“Sex, that’s one thing,” Henry’s dad scolds him. “But your mother’s closet? Have you lost your mind?”

Lisa found a husband who understands that it’s better to mess with the bed than the Birkin, and that’s a happily ever after if we’ve ever heard one.

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