3 mins ago

    How speechwriters delve into a president’s mind: Lots of listening, studying and becoming a mirror

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Speechwriting, in one sense, is essentially being someone else’s mirror. “You can try to find the right…
    5 mins ago

    “Avatar: The Last Airbender’s” conflicted history of racial evolution doesn’t end here

    Long ago, the fandom of the hit children’s series “Avatar: The Last Airbender” lived in harmony, but everything changed when…
    7 mins ago

    Ukraine downs 14 Russian fighter jets in two weeks, military says

    Ukraine has taken out 14 Russian jets in two weeks, according to figures from Kyiv’s air force, taking punishing losses…
    9 mins ago

    Exclusive: Partner of Fani Willis’s Deputy Works with Biden Campaign

    DiSantis and Huttman founded 20/20 Insights, LLC in 2010. DiSantis was the registered agent for the company until February 2024. On February 2,…
    10 mins ago

    Cancer patient dragged by NYC bus, partially paralyzed, awarded $72.5M in lawsuit

    NEW YORK — A Florida woman who says she was struck and dragged by a New York City bus and…


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